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2012/07/21-Dialogue Huston C. Smith and Tu Weiming

2012/07/21Dialogue Huston C. Smith and Tu Weiming Huston SmithThomas, J. Watson Professor of Religion, emeritus, Syracuse University Tu Wiming (杜维明)Dean, Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies at Peking University Video.tudou.com

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2012.06.04 Istanbul University, Eurasia Institute Presentation2012.06.04 杜教授在土耳其伊斯坦布尔大学作演讲

On Monday, 2012.06.04, Prof. Tu Weiming visited Istanbul University in Istanbul, Turkey where he gave a lecture on “Alliance of Civilizations in the Perspective of Confucian Thought.” A YouTube post with the recording of this lecture is accessible below. 2012年6月4日星期一,杜维明教授访问了土耳其的伊斯坦布尔大学。届时他做了题为“从儒家思想的角度看文明联盟”的演讲。以下则是 … Continue reading

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