Professor Tu has many publications in both English and Chinese, including more than 150 articles and book chapters in English and more than 30 books in English and Chinese. Some of his publications are listed below. A complete bibliography compiled and provided by courtesy of Ralph Weber is also available for reference.

Articles in English

“Dialogue among Civilizations: the message of China’s rise to the world” in Dongyin qiusuo (Search in Japan) (Beijing: Social Sciences Document Publication House, 2003). “The Implication of Local Knowledge for Global Ethics (Bentu zhishi de pushi yiyi)” in Dialogue among Civilizations: Global implication of local knowledge (Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press, 2002, pp. 7-10). Complete List of Articles Books in English Confucianism Spirituality (editor, with Mary Evelyn Tucker), Volume 11 of ?orld Spirituality: An Encyclopedic History of the Religious Quest?Series, New York: Crossroad, 2002. Confucianism and Human Rights (editor, with Wm. Theodore de Bary), N.Y.: Columbia University Press, 1998. Complete List of Books Some of Prof. Tu’s books can be purchased at For example:


杜维明教授不仅是一位桃李满天下的教授、研究硕果累累的学者,而且是一位多产的作者。他著有30多部中英文书籍,为许多中英文著作撰写章节。还在中英文出版物上发表了150多篇学术文章。详情请浏览以下网页:著作文章。此外,韦宁 (Ralph Weber) 收集编制了一份杜维明教授的书目,供大家参考查阅。

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