Teaching Profession Professor Tu has taught a variety of graduate and undergraduate courses. These courses include Confucian Humanism, Confucian Ethics, Modern Chinese Intellectual History, and Taoism. In addition, he is the advisor for a number of Ph.D. students at several universities. Courses

Chinese History 116c: Modern Chinese Intellectual History Chinese History 240r: Readings in Chinese Intellectual History Chinese History 251: Confucian Ethics: Conference Course Chinese History 260: Taoism: Conference Course Freshman Seminar 37k: China’s Confucian Classics Moral Reasoning 40: Confucian Humanism

PhD Sstudents Training   University of California, Berkeley Chi-Shing Chak (翟志成) I-fan Cheng (程一帆) John Ewell Michael Marme David Mungello Kidder Smith Cheng Yang (杨诚)   Harvard University Jackie Armijo-Hussein Kang Chan(詹康) Stuart Chandler Weigang Chen (陈维刚) Li-fang Chien(钱立方) Ping-tzu Chu Paul Goldin Brett Hinsch Bryan Hoffert Young-min Kim Eske Mollgaard Galia Paff-shmir Hisa Kuriyama Wenjie Qin(秦文捷) Sarah Queen Thomas Selover Nah Seoung(罗圣) Yan-jen Tsai (蔡彦仁) Jiang Wu (吴疆) Qin Zhou (周勤) Shaoming Chen(陈少明) Lai Chen(陈来) Dandan Chen (陈丹丹)   Peking University Xisochao Wang(王小超) Miao Wang(王淼) Jianbao Wang(王建宝) Shaoqin Shi(史少秦) Kaige Wang(王凯歌)   Other Universities Joseph Adler (University of California at Saint Barbara) Mei-hua Chen (陈美华Temple University) Mary P. Coker (The American University) Young Chan Ro (University of California at Saint Barbara)

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