Other Activities

In addition to his research and teaching, Professor Tu actively engages in wide range of academic activities including lectures and presentations at conferences, forums, institutes, and universities around the world. This list highlights some of the major lectures and speeches that he has given. The full text of a few selected lectures is also available. Recent Lectures

  • November 2010 Tu Wei-Ming gave a keynote speech in Seoul, Korea titled ‘The Body and Culture”

Selected Lectures

  • Reischauer Lecture #1: The Humanist Spirit of the Confucian Intellectual (1996)
  • Reischauer Lecture #2: Body, Body Politic and The Way (1996)
  • Reischauer Lecture #3: Family, Nation, and the World (1996)
  • Speech at Benjemin I. Schwartz’s Memorial (2000)
  • Tasan Lecture #1: The Ecological Turn in New Confucian Humanism (2001)
  • Tasan Lecture #2: The Confucian Perception of Religious Pluralism: Globalization and Diversity (2001)
  • Tasan Lecture #3: A Confucian Response to the Feminist Critique (2001)
  • Tasan Lecture #4: Confucian Humanism as a Spiritual Resource for Global Ethics (2001)

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