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Dialogue: Fred Dallmayr and Tu Weiming (杜维明) 2011.06.10

Prof. Fred Dallmayr and Prof. Tu Weiming found time in the evening of June 10th, 2011 away from a conference organized by Institute for Human Sciences (Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen ) in Vienna, Austria. They decided to follow up … Continue reading

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Dialogue b/w Prof. Tu & Prof. Taylor in Vienna

On June 11th, 2011, Prof. Tu Weiming and Prof. Charles M. Taylor held a dialogue at Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen (Institute for Human Sciences) in Vienna, Austria (To watch the video recording of this dialogue, click here).

Prof. Charles Taylor is a philosopher best known for his contributions in political philosophy, the philosophy of social science, and the history of philosophy. His contributions to these fields have earned him both the prestigious Kyoto Prize and the Templeton Prize. In 2007, Taylor served with Gérard Bouchard on the Bouchard-Taylor Commission on Reasonable Accommodation with regard to cultural differences in the province of Quebec, Canada. Prof. Taylor is currently Professor Emeritus at McGill University and Permanent Fellow at the Institute for Human Sciences.

Prof. Tu Weiming is the Director of Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies and a Lifetime Professor of Philosophy Peking University. He is also Professor Emeritus and a Senior Fellow of Asia Center at Harvard University. Prof. Tu has been instrumental in developing dialogues among civilizations, Cultural China, reflections on the Enlightenment mentality of the modern West and multiple modernities. He is currently researching the modern transformation of Confucian humanism in East Asia and tapping its spiritual resources for human flourishing in the global community. Continue reading

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