[:en]Video: Dialogue b/w J.C. Kapur and Tu Weiming[:zh]视频:卡普尔与杜维明探讨文明对话[:]


Jagdish Chandra Kapur and Tu Weiming met on 11 July, 2010 to talk about challenges of the modern world and dialogue among civilizations. The meeting took place in a hotel room where Mr. Kapur was staying. As shown in the video recording of this meeting, Mr. Kapur, despite his 90+ years of age, was vibrant, sharp, and full of ideas.

Sadly, Jagdish Chandra Kapur passed away on Nov. 19, 2010. Prof. Tu Weiming reflected on Mr. Kapur’s life: “He was a towering figure in reconfiguring the new world order, a major public intellectual in Asia, and a source of inspiration for us. I cherished his willingness to share his broad vision with me. I look forward to an opportunity to continue his seminal work on intercivilizational dialogue in Cultural China.”[:zh]

2010年7月11日 杰格迪•卡普尔先生与杜维明教授共同探讨了当今世界所面临的的挑战以及不同文明之间的对话。两位学者当时是在卡普尔住的酒店房间里会面的。这个视频纪录了两位大师对话的实况。


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