[:en]The IIP Conference (2015) Opened at Peking University[:zh]国际哲学学院大会(2015)在北京大学开幕[:]

[:en]On 16 September 2015, the 2015 Conference of the International Institute of Philosophy (IIP) opened at Peking University (PKU), Beijing, China. The two main sponsors of this Conference are the Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies (IAHS) of PKU and Songyang Academy. The theme of this conference is “Dimensions of the Human.” In addition, nine other Institutes and Departments of Philosophy in China co-organized it. They are from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, Beijing Normal University, Fudan University, East China Normal University, Wuhan University, and Sun Yat-sen University.

Founded in 1937, IIP is the highest academic organization and distinguished honorary group of the global sphere of philosophy. It undertakes a significant mission to promote the first class philosophical research and exchange worldwide. It has communication and relation with 102 nations and more than 300 universities. The IIP’s aim is to unite in a common effort of thought and action of qualified representatives from the world philosophical community in endeavoring to improve the welfare of all human beings.

This is the first time for IIP to hold the general assembly of its members in China. 23 international scholars and 40 professors in philosophy from Chinese key universities participated in this Conference. From September 16 to 19, there were 14 academic lectures, all open to the public. Public as well as teachers and students majored in philosophy were all welcome to attend. The special Session for Chinese Philosophy is an unprecedented event for IIP, which demonstrated the sincerity of the international community of philosophy to understand Chinese philosophy. This is surely a great opportunity for Chinese thinkers and philosophical researchers to present Chinese thought and communicate to the world a message of Chinese culture.

At the opening ceremony the following representatives gave speeches: the President of PKU, Professor Lin Jianhua; the Vice President of PKU, Professor Wu Zhipan; the Chairman of Chinese Organizing Committee, PKU Chair Professor, Director of IAHS, Professor Tu Weiming; the Chairperson of IIP, Professor Ioanna KUÇURADI and the General Secretary of IIP, Professor Bernard BOURGEOIS. On behalf of the hosts, President Lin Jianhua welcomed all participants and wished a success to the Conference and its participants. Professor Tu Weiming reflected the suffering of China as a nation and the challenges faced by Chinese Culture in the past 170 years. At present, how to be a real human being has become an urgent problem for humanity. People are not passive on this issue, but able to cultivate a full-fledged personality, which is not a romantic vision, but a realistic consideration. People should seek for consensus and solve problems by communication, negotiation, and collaboration. Other values should be tolerated, recognized and respected whole heartedly. People will benefit from this attitude in self-enrichment. We invite philosophers worldwide to China to discuss the topic “Dimensions of the Human” and to explore the human value. Philosophy should not only be a highly selective academic discipline, but should be a wisdom open to all people. The socio-economic development nowadays needs the guidance of the philosophical wisdom. As a specie, whether human being can survive in a long term has been threatened. Our exploitation of natural resources is without regard to the whole earth as a “living being”. Confucian orientation is the life-world of ordinary people, however, it also contains profound spirituality. The ultimate goal can be described by a famous saying in the Confucian Classic text Zhongyong: “only the person as sincere as a sage can fully realize his nature. Once he fully realized his nature, he is able to realize other people’s nature, then, the nature of all things are revealed to him. So he can take part in transforming the lives on Earth and under Heaven. In this way, he stands side by side with the Earth and Heaven.”

This IIP Conference at Peking University will create an academic atmosphere anticipating the 2018 World Congress of the International Federation of Philosophical Societies (FISP) at Peking University. It will also provide opportunities for Chinese philosophers, thinkers, and researchers for learning and academic exchange. This Conference introduces Chinese philosophy to, and promotes the status of Chinese philosophy in the world. The wisdom of Chinese philosophy should be considered as a possible resource in the development of the philosophical theory and in the solution of the existing problems in the world. Chinese civilization should be involved in, as well as contribute to the future of human civilization. [:zh]9月16日上午10时,国际哲学学院(IIP, International Institute of Philosophy)2015年院士大会在北京大学英杰交流中心隆重开幕。此次会议由北京大学高等人文研究院与嵩阳书院联合承办。会议的主题为“人的维度”(Dimensions of the Human)。参与协办的有来自国内的九个单位:中国社会科学院哲学研究所、北京大学哲学系、清华大学哲学系、中国人民大学哲学院、北京师范大学哲学学院、复旦大学哲学学院、华东师范大学哲学系、武汉大学哲学学院、中山大学哲学系。



出席今天开幕式并发言的嘉宾有北京大学校长林建华教授,北京大学常务副校长吴志攀教授,中国组委会主席、北京大学人文讲席教授、高等人文研究院院长杜维明教授、国际哲学学院主席库齐拉迪(Ioanna KUÇURADI)教授,国际哲学学院秘书长布尔乔亚(Bernard BOURGEOIS)教授等。林建华校长代表东道主欢迎各位院士的到来,并祝愿大会圆满成功。杜维明教授回顾了过去170年来,中国遭受的苦难以及中国文化遭受的质疑。当下的世界,如何做人已经成为最紧要的问题。在这个问题上,人不只是被动的,而是能够主动提升自我。完美人格不是浪漫的想像,而是极其现实的考量。人们应该通过交流、合作、谈判来取得共识并解决问题,更要容忍并尊重他者的内在价值,通过互相学习来丰富自我。我们现在邀请全世界的哲学家来到中国讨论“人的维度”这一话题,探究人的价值。哲学不应只是精英学说,而应是向全人类开放的智慧。当今世界的社会经济发展,急需要哲学思想的指引。人类作为一个物种,能否长久地生存下去,已经受到挑战。我们对自然资源的掠夺,没有认识到地球本身是一个生命体。儒学关注普通人的生活世界,但是又内涵深刻的精神性。用儒家经典《中庸》的一句话来总结,我们的理想就是“唯天下至诚,为能尽其性;能尽其性,则能尽人之性;能尽人之性,则能尽物之性;能尽物之性,则可以赞大地之化育;可以赞天地之化育,则可以与天地参矣。”


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