About Tu Weiming关于杜维明

Dr. Tu Weiming is a Lifelong Professor of Philosophy, Director of the Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies at Peking University, and Research Professor and Senior Fellow of Asia Center at Harvard University. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Dr. Tu is a leading expert on Confucianism and Neo-confucianism. A proponent of the idea of “Cultural China,” which attempts to understand what it means to be Chinese within a world context, Dr. Tu is currently interpreting Confucian ethics as a spiritual resource for the emerging global community.

For detailed information, please refer to Dr. Tu’s biography, curriculum vitae, and honors.


杜维明博士是一位享有盛名的儒学专家和新儒学的代表人物。他多年来致力于儒学第三期发展、文化中国、文明对话、及现代精神的反思等四大主题的探讨、研究和实际运用。杜教授将儒家文化置于世界多元文化的广阔背景中,审视和阐发传统儒学, 为当代儒学发展开拓理论和实践的空间。其真知灼见和研究硕果在世界各国学术界都享有盛名。