Keynote Address at 2011 NCLC 2011年全美中文大会上做主题演讲

In the early afternoon of April 15, 2011, the participants of National Chinese Language Conference gathered in the Grand Ballroom at San Francisco Hilton Hotel for Prof. Tu Weiming’s keynote address entitled “New Confucianism in a Global Age.”

Prof. Tu was introduced to the audience by Madam Vishakha Desai, the President of Asia Society. In his address, Prof. Tu Weiming discussed the challenges that Confucianism faces in the contemporary world. He has called for “New Confucian Humanism” to become “a source of inspiration for human flourishing in the twenty-first century” by contributing to the development of a worldwide “culture of peace that emphasizes communication, negotiation, dialogue, and reconciliation.”

Audience responded to Prof. Tu’s insightful and inspiring speech with great enthusiasm. Following his keynote address, Prof. Tu continued with a conversation with Madam Desai; he also answered questions from the audience members.

“Language teachers are ambassadors of the cultures,” said Prof. Tu to educators in the packed grand ballroom.

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2 Responses to Keynote Address at 2011 NCLC 2011年全美中文大会上做主题演讲

  1. Evelyn Tseng says:

    I was so inspired by Dr. Tu’s speech at the conference. Will it be possible if he can post his speech onto this website? There are so many valuable things he said during the speech. I would like to share with some other educators as well. Thank you!

    • Laoma (老马) says:

      Evelyn, thank you for your kind comments. We are editing video of his speech and it will be posted for viewing soon.


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