Lecture at The University of Toledo杜维明教授在托莱多大学作了年度演讲

Dr. Tu Weiming delivered the Annual Lecture on Eastern Religious Thought on Wednesday, Feb. 16, at the University of Toledo in Ohio. Prof. Tu discussed “Listening to Confucius” in the Student Union Auditorium (see the announcement here).

While in Toldeo, he also recorded the fifth episode of “Faith Matters.” “Faith Matters” is a TV mini-series about contemporary religious issues that airs monthly on WGTE Public Media.2011年2月16日周叁,国际公认的儒学专家杜维明教授在美国俄亥俄州的托莱多大学就东方宗教思想作了一年一度的学术演讲。这次讲座的题目是“聆听孔子”(详见这次讲座的布告)。

在托莱多大学讲学期间,杜维明教授还录制了“信仰攸关”节目中的一集。 “信念攸关“是一组探讨当代宗教问题的电视系列节目, 由公共媒体WGTE电视台每月播出。

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