[:en]On November 17, 2016 Prof. TU Weiming was Invited to Give the 5th Soongsil Presidential Lecture[:zh]2016年11月17日,杜维明教授受邀韩国崇实大学主讲本年度“崇实校长讲座”题为:“儒家智慧至于人类未来”[:]


( Prof. TU Weiming spoke and Q & A session)

Prof. TU Weiming, the Director of Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies (IAHS) at Peking University, was invited by Soongsil University to give the 5th Soongsil Presidential Lecture on the evening of November 17, 2016 at Seoul, Korea. Prof. Tu delivered a paper entitled Confucian Wisdom for the Future of Humanity.

The lecture room at Soongsil University was packed with more than 1,300 students and faculties. Prof. Tu spoke for an hour and after which there was a Q & A session. During the lecture, Prof. Tu urged the need for learning in order to be able to stand as a person, “We must be able to help and harmonize society through self-understanding and learning”; in particular, he stated that “learning is defined by the knowledge and skills, which can change us” and “dynamic and creative transformation process of oneself” is important. Prof. Tu also said, “The difference between human and animal is compassion, the ability of sympathy.” He concluded, “It is necessary for a subjective person to sympathize and resonate with the world.”

Soongsil Presidential Lecture is an annual lecture series for distinguished scholars. In previous years, the Lecture had invited Paul KRUGMAN, Michael SANDEL, Thomas FREY and other scholar to be the speakers.[:zh]



2016年11月17日,受韩国崇实大学(Soongsil University)邀请,北京大学高等人文学院院长杜维明教授到访韩国。杜教授以《儒家智慧之于人类未来》为题,主讲本年度的“崇实校长讲座”。1300多名师生到场参加,并在讲座后与杜维明教授进行了 “问答互动”。

“崇实校长讲座”是崇实大学为杰出学者举办的系列年度讲座,2016年为该讲座第5讲,此前保罗克鲁格曼(Paul KRUGMAN)、迈克尔桑德尔(Michael SANDEL)、托马斯弗雷(Thomas FREY)等学者曾到场主讲。


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