[:en]On September 16, 2015, International philosophy institute conference (2015) was held in Beijing university[:zh]2015年9月16-19日,“国际哲学学院大会“在北京大学召开[:]


At 10 a.m., September 16, 2015, Conference of Academicians 2015 of International Institute of Philosophy (IIP) opened in Yingjie Overseas Exchange Center at Peking University. The Congress was organized jointly by IAHS of Peking University and Songyang Academy of Classical Learning. The conference theme is Dimensions of the Human. There are nine domestic co-organizers: Institute of Philosophy of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Philosophy Department of Peking University, Philosophy Department of Tsinghua University, Philosophy Department of Renmin University of China, Philosophy Department of Beijing Normal University, Philosophy Department of Fudan University, Philosophy Department of East China Normal University, Philosophy Department of Wuhan University and Philosophy Department of Zhongshan University.

Founded in Paris, France in 1937, IIP is the highest level of academic organization in global philosophy circle and a senior honor society. Undertaking the mission of promoting top philosophical researches and exchanges worldwide, IIP has interactions and communications with over 300 universities from 102 countries in the world. The mission of IIP is: To bring together the world’s elites and people of insight in the philosophy world to strive for the improved well-being of mankind under the guidance of philosophical spirits.

It is the first time for IIP to hold the Congress in China. 23 foreign academicians and 40 professors of philosophy from major universities in China attended the conference. 14 lectures were held from September 16 to 19, open for application for attendance by teachers and students of major of philosophy in universities in Beijing and the public. The Congress also sets up a Chinese philosophy panel, an unprecedented move by IIP, which indicates the good faith of IIP to introduce Chinese philosophy to the international philosophy world. The session provides an important opportunity for Chinese philosophy thinkers and researchers to showcase the thoughts of Chinese philosophy and spread Chinese cultural information to the world.

Professor Lin Jianhua of Peking University attended the opening ceremony and delivered the speech on behalf of the host. He expressed sincere welcome to philosophers from all over the world and wished the Congress a success. Professor Wu Zhipan, managing vice president of Peking University hosted the opening ceremony.

Guests attending the opening ceremony and giving keynote speech include: Prof. Tu Weiming, Chairman of Organizing Committee of the conference, chair professor in the Humanities of Peking University, director of the Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies; Prof. Ioanna KUÇURADI, Chairman of IIP; Prof. Bernard BOURGEOIS, Secretary General of IIP. In his keynote speech, Professor Tu Weiming reviewed the hardships China had gone through since the modern times and the ordeals Chinese culture had experienced. He indicated that “learning to be human” had become the most urgent concern in modern society. In terms of the issue, human was not passive receiver, but was capable of active self-improvement; perfect personality was not romantic imagination but extremely realistic consideration. People should reach an agreement and address problems through communication and cooperation; we should even tolerate and respect the intrinsic values of others and enrich ourselves through mutual learning. Philosophers from all over the world were invited to China to discuss the topic of “Dimensions of the Human” and investigate the value of the human. Philosophy should not be elite theory alone but wisdom open to mankind. The social and economic development in today’s world needs the guidance of philosophical thoughts. Human beings, as a species, are confronted with the challenge of long-lasting survival. People raven the natural resources unaware that the earth itself is a life entity. Confucianism focuses on the living world of ordinary people, and it has profound spirituality. A quote from a Confucian classic “The Doctrine of Mean” summarizes human’s ideal: “It is only he who is possessed of the most complete sincerity that can exist under heaven, who can give its fun development to his nature. Able to give its full development to his own nature, he can do the same to the nature of other men. Able to give its full development to the nature of other men, he can give their full development to the natures of animals and things. Able to give their full development to the natures of creatures and things, he can assist the transforming and nourishing powers of Heaven and Earth. Able to assist the transforming and nourishing powers of Heaven and Earth, he may with Heaven and Earth form a ternion. ”

Held in Peking University for 4 days from September 16 to 19, IIP Conference 2015 helped to create good academic atmosphere for World Congress of Philosophy to be held in Peking University in 2018 and provided opportunities for exchanges and learning for philosophers, ideologists and philosophy researchers in China. The Congress helps to introduce the thoughts of Chinese philosophy to the world and improve the position of Chinese philosophy in the world, and provides opportunities for the wisdom of Chinese philosophy to offer resources for the development of the world philosophical theories and solution of practical problems. The Chinese civilization should participate in and contribute to the future of human civilizations.[:zh]

9月16日上午10时,国际哲学学院(IIP, International Institute of Philosophy)2015年院士大会在北京大学英杰交流中心开幕。此次会议由北京大学高等人文研究院与嵩阳书院联合承办。会议的主题为“人的维度”(Dimensions of the Human)。参与协办的有来自国内的九个单位:中国社会科学院哲学研究所、北京大学哲学系、清华大学哲学系、中国人民大学哲学院、北京师范大学哲学学院、复旦大学哲学学院、华东师范大学哲学系、武汉大学哲学学院、中山大学哲学系。



 北京大学校长林建华教授出席开幕式,并代表东道主致辞。他向来自世界各地的哲学家表示诚挚的欢迎,祝愿大会圆满成功。北京大学常务副校长吴志攀教授主持开幕式。出席开幕式并发表主题演讲的嘉宾有:本次大会中国组委会主席、北京大学人文讲席教授、高等人文研究院院长杜维明教授,国际哲学学院主席库齐拉迪(Ioanna KUÇURADI)教授,国际哲学学院秘书长布尔乔亚(Bernard BOURGEOIS)教授等。杜维明教授在主题发言中,回顾了近代以来中华民族的艰难历程和中国文化所经受的考验。他指出在当今世界,“学以成人”已成为最紧要的问题。在这个问题上,人不只是被动的接受者,而是要能够主动提升自我;完美人格不是浪漫的想象,而是极其现实的考量。人们应该通过交流、合作、谈判来取得共识并解决问题,更要容忍并尊重他者的内在价值,通过互相学习来丰富自我。本次会议邀请全世界的哲学家来到中国讨论“人的维度”这一话题,探究人的价值。哲学不应只是精英学说,而应是向全人类开放的智慧。当今世界的社会经济发展,急需要哲学思想的指引。人类作为一个物种,能否长久地生存下去,已经受到挑战。人类对自然资源的掠夺,没有认识到地球本身是一个生命体。儒学关注普通人的生活世界,但是又有内涵深刻的精神性。用儒家经典《中庸》的一句话来总结人类的理想是:“唯天下至诚,为能尽其性;能尽其性,则能尽人之性;能尽人之性,则能尽物之性;能尽物之性,则可以赞天地之化育;可以赞天地之化育,则可以与天地参矣。”



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