[:en]On Nov. 24, 2015, Chairman of Taiwan Xinyi Group Mr.Zhou Junji visited IAHS and attended the ceremony of establishing Xinyi Culture Research Center[:zh]2015年11月24日,杜先生与信義集团董事长周俊吉先生为“北京大学高等人文研究院信義文化研究中心”揭幕[:]


On Nov. 24, 2015, Chairman of Xinyi Group Mr. Zhou Junji visited IAHS, and we held a simple ceremony with Professor Tu and institute scholars and staff, establishing Xinyi Culture Research Center in Multi-media Room 103.

Taiwan Xinyi Group was founded in 1981, and now it has more than 1500 stores around the world, and it went to the stock market in 2001 (listed in Taiwan). It has been a leader in Taiwan real estate industry since 1994. In 1993, Xinyi Group entered the mainland market, and extended its territory to Shanghai,Suzhou, Hangzhou,etc. 

Like its enterprise’ name “Xinyi”, Mr. Zhou Junji is a practitioner of Confucian Entrepreneurs , and he not only followed integrity in the industry , but strives to build an excellent corporation culture to continuously enhances the service level; also, he is a practitioner of an gentleman, for example, this time, when he came to our institute, he just come along and with no guard followed.

On the ceremony, Lu yin (Researcher at IAHS), Lei bo (Post-doctor at IAHS), Zhu weiping (Post-doctor at IAHS) and Wang Jian bao (Doctoral students at IAHS)successively simply introduced to Mr. Zhou Junji about IAHS, World Ethic Center, Discourse on Confucian Entrepreneurs and World Congress of Philosophy.

Mr. Zhou Junji said, he was admiring Professor Tu’s personality and academic career all the time, and personally, he self has the aspiration of “have Yuli written for the people, has been reached and want to reach people” and he will give big support to IAHS’s academic activities. Professor Tu shows his great gratitude towards Mr. Zhou Junji, and said to students at IAHS, “Cultural renaissance is not only confined to the academic area in the narrow sense, and our academic area would take challenges and would make an important contribution, while people of all sectors in the society need to participate into the practice of cultural renaissance and there are many great elites, such as Mr.Zhou Junji, who is a model of “learning to be a man”. At last, Professor Tu and Mr. Zhou Junji together revealed the brand of “Xinyi Culture Research Center”. This research center will mainly focus on economic ethics and business ethics research. 






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