[:en]On October 9th, 2015, Professor Tu Weiming Participated in the 13th “Rhodes Forum”[:zh]2015年10月9日,杜维明先生受邀出席第十三届“罗德岛论坛”并发表演讲[:]


On 9 October 2015, Professor Tu Weiming participated in the 13th“Rhodes Forum” and delivered a speech titled “Spiritual Humanism: An Emerging Global Discourse”. Based on the Confucian core value of “ren” (humanity), this speech envisioned a possible universal value for future human beings. The related philosophical idea was widely accepted by participants. For more information of this speech, please refer to http://www.wpfdc.org/blog/society/19519-on-humanity.

Every autumn since 2003, the ancient Greek island of Rhodes hosts a session of the World Public Forum “dialogue of Civilizations” called the Rhodes Forum that brings together public figures and statesmen, academics, religious figures and representatives of the arts, mass media and business spheres from all over the world. It focuses on the intercultural dialogue and on working out instruments to make interactions among cultures and civilizations possible. The results achieved by the Forum give a hope for further harmonization of international relations and strengthening of stability in the world.[:zh]


   ”罗德岛论坛” 创办于2013年,又名“世界公共论坛——文明对话”。论坛每年邀请全球著名的公众人物、政治家、学者、宗教界人士以及来自艺术、大众传媒和商界的代表,共聚一堂进行跨文化对话,使得各种文化和文明间的互动成为可能。论坛所取得的成果有助于国际关系的进一步和谐,并为世界的稳定贡献力量。



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